Cung cấp, cho thuê ATM.. và thiết bị BACK-END SYSTEM

“With the strength and experience of nearly 15 years of providing and renting cars, Ngan Luc Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (NIAD) continues to develop new products of renting service on ATM,  CRM (cash recycling machine), STM (Smart Teller Machine)…;


NIAD is currently the biggest ATM renting service provider in Vietnam with hundreds of leased devices provided.

In addition to ATM, CRM, and STM devices used at banks, the NIAD has a large portfolio of equipment to meet most of the needs related to cash transactions, that are ready to supply upon the needs of customers: TCR (Teller Cash Recycler); Machines / Lines of Machines for counting, sorting and bundling cash; POS machines… as well as Back-end System equipment produced by world leading manufacturers.

Ngan Luc Technical Service Center (NTC) - a team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians, was established to ensure that the goods and services provided by NIAD to banks and enterprices meet the manufactures' operational standards”                          

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