Selling commercial / specialized cars


1. Cash transportation Vehicle

This Cash transportation Vehicle  is re-established on the basis of  pick-up double-cab vehicle which is imported from Thailand, totally reconstructing its rear cargo convenient and easy for cash –carrying is set up. All locking system and warning systems are mounted on for the safety carrying. 


2. Legally:

Vehicle type (on Type Approval Certificate for Automobiles issued by Vietnam Register and Car Registration Certificate issued by The Traffice Police Division): Cash transportation car



3. Safety:

- Have the certificate of meeting the standards and technical regulations on safety and environmental protection issued by Vietnam Register.

- Have the document issued by the State Bank of Viet Nam on meeting standards of vehicles designed to carry cash regulated by the State Bank.

- Cash and valuable goods will be protected in case of risk: accident, stolen, robbery, fire.

- Safety in loading, unloading and transporting cargo.




4. Cashbox specification:

  • The Cashbox is closed box, uses welded/riveted joints and have a solid structure

  • The structure of the Cashbox must consist of three layers: Outer and Inner layers are made of stainless steel; middle layer is made of insulating and fireproof material

  • The panel between the cargo compartment and the cabin has a window that looks into the cabin. The window has three layers

  • The cargo compartment has 2 layers door. The outer layer is attached with the car's body (it is also the car’s tailgate).  The inner layer has both dial lock and cylinder key lock

  • Anti-theft alarm unit controlled at driver’s seat

  • Room lamp

  • Fire alarm

  • Fire-extinguisher

  • Safety camera

5. Main product and service:

Selling and leasing  Cash transportation Vehicle re-established on Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 2500 cc which has competative price


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