Travel service

          With a dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and experienced staff, NLTAS is a subsidiary of Ngan Luc Investment and Development Corporation (NIAD). - proud to bring the best quality and professional travel products, meet the different needs of customers.

          From the programs available to tailor-made programs to your needs, you can be assured of the quality of service and the great travel experience we commit to. will give you the choice of NLTAS as a companion.

          NLTAS was founded with the mission of bringing a lot of fun and experience to customers through the journey of travel and enjoy the standard services, synchronization, the latest discoveries and memorable memories. Through these exciting discoveries and connections.

          Let's go! Let's enjoy!



          1. International Travel:

          Welcoming foreign guests into Vietnam and organizing for Vietnamese citizens to travel abroad (Inbound & Outbound). Ngan Luc Travel is always ready to design, organize special programs required by customers to Asia, Europe, America, Australia, ...

          Due to the prestige of our overseas service partners as well as the airlines, we can meet the requirements of our customers.

          2. Inland Travel:

          Ngan Luc Travel specializes in providing attractive and rich domestic travel, with a variety of new resorts combined with well-known and popular tours, as well as new, exploring tours. beautiful land of the Fatherland, suitable for all customers.

          3. Trade promotion: Ngan Luc Travel is a professional organization and guarantees the prestige of its activities:

          • Organizing tour programs, conferences, seminars in ideal locations, convenient for transactions, travel;

          • Organize the delegation of Vietnamese business delegations to survey the market, attend trade fairs, introduce products abroad;

          • Welcoming and organizing foreign business delegations to survey the Vietnamese market.

          4. Air ticket service 24/7:

         With many years of experience as a first class ticket agent of Vietnam Airlines and other domestic and international airlines, we have developed and developed a 24/7 airline ticketing service system for you. You can buy a plane ticket simply and conveniently.

          In order to provide you with the most appropriate route, we will aggregate the information online from many airlines to advise you and help you choose the optimal route at the most reasonable cost.

          Our 24/7 operating station is always ready to accept any requests for tickets from you.

          5. Visa service:

          Quick and free consultation of current regulations to apply for a visa to foreigners and the procedures necessary to obtain a visa to go abroad for Vietnamese citizens.

          Consultant to choose the solution suitable with the lowest cost and process of applying for new visa, fast visa extension.

          Providing visa services for key markets such as Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China ...

          The procedure is simple, fast, free consultation, reasonable costs, the ability to reach the highest visa.

          6. Additional services: Hotel booking, car rental from 4 to 45 seats; Providing tourist guides, interpreters and interpreters.


Come to Ngan Luc Travel, We will help you to enjoy unforgettable moments after each trip.

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